Hua Hin Scooter Rental

We marked Hua Hin rentals which show the service of repeatedly confirmed high quality. We have no information on bad experience that tourists or locals had contacting them.

The fleet of some of the listed rentals include not brand new motorcycle models, but the bikes that have been used quite a lot. But if there occur some problems, the motorcycle is immediately replaced by the other available.

We were guided not by how imposing the rentals fleet look and what brands it includes, but by the quality of the service it can provide the tourists with.

The list is under permanent update. And if you know a reliable Hua Hin rentals providing high quality service to the tourists, please, let us know. We promise to make our own review and add it to our list, as soon as your recommendation is confirmed.

1. Hua Hin Moto 88
Phone number: +66 (062) 626-25-13 (Line, WhatsApp)
Google Map Location:
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15 minutes by walk from the main railway station. One of the best Hua Hin rentals. But it can happen so, that all motorcycles are rented. So сall the manager to make sure there are some scooters available. You can book a scooter via phone. Bicycle are available as well.

2. Noi’s Pit Stop
Phone number: +66 (084) 893-54-82 (Line, WhatsApp)
Google Map Location:

A small Hua Hin scooter rentals in the west of the city, in 15 minutes by walk from the railway station. Not far from Hua Hin Moto 88. So if there are no bikes available, try to get to the second.

By the way, these guys have the office in Cha-Am as well.

3. Hua Hin Motorcycles
Phone number: +66 (095) 350-65-58
Line, Viber, WhatsApp: +66 (83) 880-80-51
Google Map Location

These guys are just like “3 in 1 Nescafe” – you can rent bikes, scooters, cars and rooms there. HHM is located not far from the railway station as well. And even closer than the previous two from our list.

4. Scootz
Phone number: +66 (086) 700-66-08
Google Map Location:

The southern part of Hua Hin, just few minutes by walk from Cicada Market and Amari Hua Hin. You can rent a tricycle and a motorcycle with a sidecar there, which is very convenient if you intend to use the scooter to travel together with a child. But please do not forget that riding a motorcycle with a sidecar requires the definite skills in motorcyclists. This sort of a motorcycle is skewed a bit while driving, so it is not recommended to turn aside or around at high speed. Just keep within 15-20 km/h then.

You can watch the video to get the particular features of driving a motorcycle with a sidecar:

We highly recommend you to drive the motorcycle with a sidecar not faster than 40-50 km/h.

If you had any problems contacting the listed Hua Hin scooter rentals, please, let us know. We will regard the case, and if this rentals turned out to move to the bad guys side, we will move it from our rating. – Ed.